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Many thanks to Sonore for compiling this list of information about the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) super resolution ecosystem that is being created. You can find information on DSD DACs, Cost, Software, Music, etc. Read more to get the link.

A short list of websites where you can find DSD music to download. If you are a DSD distributor of downloads and would like to be added to this list, please contact support@dsd-guide.com

Paul McGowan's company, PS Audio, is well known in audiophile circles for being some of the highest quality gear available on the market. We've included a partial list of titles that we happen to also enjoy. For the complete list, visit here http://www.psaudio.com/pauls-posts/pauls-picks or read more!

John La Grou is no stranger to pro audio and the advancement of audio technology. A long time friend of DSD recording with many of the top producers using his Millennia's professional grade preamps, John now takes us on a journey of the future of sound. A great read!

On stage at the Europe’s largest electronics trade show, IFA in Berlin, charismatic Sony chief executive Kazuo Hirai declared that Hi-Res audio as crucial to the success of its audio products.


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Paul McGowan of PS Audio provides a thorough description of how you can turn your Mac Mini into a music server for your DSD, WAV, FLAC and other files.

Laura Sydell interviews Cookie Marenco (founder Blue Coast Records) about DSD and the high resolution audio movement.

"...Sony Corporation announced a new line of high-end audio components that promise to deliver a better online audio experience. The announcement comes amid growing evidence that music fans are tired of the crappy sound they hear on their portable music players."

Read more here.

If you haven't heard of DSD, then you might not be aware of the revolution occurring in audio and music production these days. Find out more about DSD and Double DSD by reading this free primer then trying it out for yourself!


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