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Where can you find DSD Music Downloads?

Where can you find DSD Music Downloads?

Updated 3/14/2017. List of sites that sell DSD Downloads

Blue Coast Music: https://store.bluecoastmusic.com/ - Worldwide Distribution.  A new website that works with mobile, Blue Coast Music seeks to take over where Downloads NOW! leaves off.  BCM offers DSD, full size WAV and FLAC files with a growing catalog of new music from various independent labels and artists.  Distributes Blue Coast Records, San Francisco Symphony, Mack Avenue and many other high profile independent labels.  You can audition all of the catalog as full length streams before you buy.  Coupons, backend customer management of files and other features available.

Blue Coast Records:  http://BlueCoastRecords.com -  Worldwide Distribution.  Blue Coast Records has been recording, mixing and mastering to analog or DSD audio for more than 10 years.   These music files are excellent examples of acoustic music recorded directly to DSD.  Label producer, Cookie Marenco, created a recording technique for acoustic music specifically for Blue Coast called E.S.E. (Extended Sound Environment).  With gold records and Grammy nominations in her past, for Blue Coast Records she now controls the audio quality direct to music lovers worldwide.

Downloads NOW!: http://downloadsnow.netWorldwide Distribution. Downloads NOW! offers DSD, full size WAV and FLAC files with a growing catalog of new music from various independent labels and artists.  Distributes Blue Coast Records, San Francisco Symphony, IsoMike and many other high profile independent labels. Downloads NOW! has created their own platform for delivery.  Their customer support is top notch and always willing to answer questions.  You can audition most of the catalog as full length streams before you buy.  Single song downloads, SACDs, and more available in MicroStores.

High Definition Tape Transfers: https://www.highdeftapetransfers.com/ One of the first companies to offer High Resolution downloads since 2006. Music from rare reel-to-reel-tapes in high-bit quality (DSD / Flac). Also offering downloads from private labels such as Albany Records, Direct to Tape Recordings,The Klipsch Tape Project, International Phonograph Inc., Houston Symphony Chorus, Texas Music Festival, David Elias, and more.

NativeDSD.com: http://nativedsd.com provides audiophile listeners a top quality resource for DSD Stereo & Multichannel music directly from native DSD recorded Master Data, Analog Master Tapes and Native DXD Recorded Music. The tapes and data we use to prepare the DSD downloads come directly from the record labels, engineers and artists recording in DSD and Analog Master Tapes. NativeDSD.com does not offer any physical SACD's or up-sampled PCM, that's how we bring you as close to the actual performance as possible. 

2L: http://www.2l.no/hires/index.htmlWorldwide Distribution. From Norway, this Norwegian label has developed music without fences, originating from classical European art music and traditional folk music, recognizing the fundamental values of musical performances and excellent sound production.  Morten Lindberg does an excellent job leading his label with natively recorded DXD files.  While not native DSD, we encourage you to sample the music from NL.

Channel Classicshttp://www.channelclassics.comWorldwide Distribution. Channel Classics Records is a quality record label based in Holland. Director, producer and recording engineer is C. Jared Sacks. Having grown up in Boston Massachusetts, schooled at Oberlin Conservatory and the Amsterdam Conservatory of music with 15 years experience playing French Horn, Jared decided to make his hobby of recording a profession in 1987. The label started in 1990 with the name Channel Classics coming from the street he lived on in Amsterdam. (Kanaalstraat).

Ototoy from Japanhttp://ototoy.jp/feature/index.php/sound_and_recording  - Japan Only Distribution.  We don't know much about this label.  The site is in Japanese.  It was recommended by Andreas Koch, so there must be some great DSD music there!  If you'd like to add comments or help with the translation, please send us a message.

Onkyo: http://music.e-onkyo.com/   Japan Only Distribution. (If you have more information to offer about this distributor, please submit to support@dsd-guide.com )

Acoustic Sounds Super HiRezhttp://www.superhirez.com - USA and Canada Only Distribution.  The Super HiRez music store, powered by Acoustic Sounds, offers the finest selection of high-resolution downloads with an emphasis on DSD. Find full album selections from the biggest artists in an assortment of genres as well as answers and clarifications to the many questions about DSD and high-resolution digital audio. We’ve made getting started easy with simple-to-follow tutorials and an assortment of software and hardware options.  Acoustic Sounds is the world’s leading supplier of audiophile recordings for more than 25 years. The largest catalog of high-quality LPs and SACDs now expands to include the ultimate in digital audio. Find it at Super HiRez. 

Cybele Records: www.cybele.de  - One of the few classical labels which produces music in native DSD format.  Any product which is listed on their website in DSD was originally recorded in DSD (and not upsampled, which comes straight from Ingo Schmidt-Lucas at Cybele).  To find out which products are recorded in native DSD just go to the website and click on the top left on the 4th dropdown menu which contains "Select Audio format".

DSDfile.com: DSDfile.com- Opus 3 Records was founded in 1976 and was one of the first to start with SACD in year 2000 and recorded in DSD.  They now offer DSD direct copies from more than 50 original analogue MasterTapes, all recorded in pure crossed figure of eight, i.e the Blumlein technique.  The recordings are made in real life environments like Concert Halls, Churches and Jazz/Blues clubs etc.   Recorded in this very special way shows the superiority of DSD 5.6 when it comes to reproducing depth of Image and resolution.  As far back as 1979, Opus 3 brought this to public attention on Test Records 1 "Depth of Image".  They offer a broad selection of many musical genres like Jazz, World Music, Blues and Classical.

primephonic: primephonic.com - A classical-only digital download platform offering premium audio quality files together with enriched content. The formats covered: WAV (16 bit, 44.1 kHz), FLAC (stereo and surround, 24 bit, 44.1 – 192 kHz) and DSD (stereo and surround, 2.8224 MHz). The store search contains a filter to specially tailor search queries for classical music and refine results by composer, orchestras, conductor, soloists and even period or category. Every album contains clear information and is accompanied with a whole host of related content, from composer biographies to reviews and news articles.

Free DSD Audio Downloads

Blue Coast Records and AudioGate 


Blue Coast Records and AudioGate / Korg Japan combined efforts to create this site.  There are always 3 DSD songs available for free download from the Downloads NOW! catalog and each month a new song added.  Older catalog is retired to the half price download store for registered members.  DSD is natively recorded DSD or recorded to analog and mixed to DSD.  These are master quality files.



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