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2017 Top Ten Best Selling Albums at Blue Coast Music

2017 Top Ten Best Selling Albums at Blue Coast Music

Jenna Mammina's album is the #2 seller in 2017 at Blue Coast Music

Looks like a great year for DSD recordings!  Nine out of 10 of the top selling albums on Blue Coast Music were mixed to DSD.  Seven out of 10 albums were recorded to DSD or analog tape.  Four albums are led by women musicians, three by men and three are compilations. Three albums are first artist albums (Smolder - Coco Scott, Run With Me - Derek Jones, Just Let Go - Meghan Andrews)

In its 10th year of release, Blue Coast Collection from Blue Coast Records, continues to top the chart at Number 1.  Wow!

We're looking forward to another great year for DSD recording, mixing and mastering!  If you have questions and want to know how to get your PCM recordings released on DSD, write to us at support@dsd-guide.com

2017 Top Selling Albums at Blue Coast Music

[1) Blue Coast Collection  -- The E.S.E. Sessions

[2) Close Your Eyes -- Jenna Mammina

[3) into the Mist -- Fiona Joy

[4) Blue Coast Collection 2

[5) Smolder -- Coco Scott

[6) Dusk til Dawn -- Derek Jones

[7) Run With Me -- Derek Jones

[8) Just Let Go -- Meghan Andrews

[9) Producer's Choice -- Blue Coast Records

[10) Duets -- Kevin Eubanks & Stanley Jordan


Congratulations to all!