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The Absolute Sound's Guide to Music Backup

The Absolute Sound's Guide to Music Backup

Writer, Vade Forrester, offers a very good guide to backing up your precious music files.  This is a portion of the article from the December 2014 issue of The Absolute Sound.

If you’re a computer-audio enthusiast, no matter how expensive your equipment may be, your largest investment will be your collection of music files. Downloads cost money, and the higher their resolution, the more money they cost. Even if most of your music files come from your ripped CD collection, you’ve still invested a lot of time ripping them to your hard drive. So do you protect your investment by backing up your computer-audio files? I suspect many of you don’t. A recent failure of the NAS drive where I stored all my music files drove home to me the need for backing up files. Fortunately, since I use a redundant on-site and off-site back-up procedure, I didn’t lose any data. I’d like to share some ideas that can help you back up your files, because you well know a time will come when your hard drive or computer fails, and the results can be tragic.

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