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Apple and Amazon dumping their mp3 downloads in 18 months?

Apple and Amazon dumping their mp3 downloads in 18 months?

Hmmmmm....  and we thought these would be the new "music companies?"  Giants of the industry first commoditize the music, hook most of the world on convenience while surviving on people buying their hardware?  Move customers away from physical products and carelessly dump carefully curated downloads from people's cloud systems?  And now get rid of their cloud storage for the compressed files in favor of streaming?


I know that doesn't speak to most of the audiophiles reading this post.  Most music lovers involved in high end audio have already figured out their methods of storing large files for listening to music.  Sadly, many of my friends lost years of collectable music during various upgrades of iTunes.  Music lovers who hadn't yet learned the beauty of high end sound but loved the music.

I don't have iTunes on my computer or smart phone.  I don't have Spotify installed, though I do like researching music on Youtube.  On youtube, I don't mind the occassional skip and stutter of the sound.  However, when I'm ready to sit down and listen to my real library of music in DSD... please, no stutters.

We're headed to a divided community of listeners.  Somehow... I don't think that's a bad thing.

How do you listen to music?