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Apple Buys Classical Music Streamer Primephonic

Apple Buys Classical Music Streamer Primephonic

Primephonic started as an HD download service a few years ago. Then offered music streaming at a mainstream sampling rate. Suddenly, it's gone and owned by Apple who plan to re-release the classical music streaming service to address the classical music listeners who need more search functions / metadata to serve their needs.

What happened? When Primephonic launched, they had their eyes on the DSD prize. We were the fortunate beneficiaries who they approached for advertising. We enjoyed working with them. They were committed to their DSD offerings and supported our efforts for several years. Then came the switch to streaming.

A few years in, the announcement was made and their advertising stopped for DSD downloads. We wondered how they would compete with streaming and the mainstream. Many of your are aware that music streaming services not only don't make money for the artists/labels but the services themselves are not profitable. Spotify? - not profitable for selling music. Apple music? Not profitable selling music (are profitable for selling hardware that uses music).

We wondered how long Primephonic would last on their own and frankly, they lasted longer than we thought. How were they staying afloat? Where and who were the investors? We don't know all the investors but did read that one of the Getty's (long time supporters of classical music) had invested. And with investors often comes the inevitable merger, sale or IPO. With Primephonic, it was a sale. We don't know the details, but Apple usually gets what it wants and recreates a brand.... for good or not so good.

Over the years we've seen Apple absorb several music companies that were quite special. Apple took the infrasture and twisted it around until it worked for them and their audience. We don't know what will happen to the people working for Primephonic, but we do wish them well. We hope Apple does take the classical music world seriously and the amount of work Primephonic put into their fans.

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