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Test Your Systems with 4 Formats of Playback!

Test Your System with Free Downloads from Blue Coast Music. Known for their DSD, WAV and FLAC downloads, you'll have a chance to listen and compare the same audio master to see which downloads your system plays best. You'll also know if your DAC will play all of these formats.

Some of us talk about the magic sound of tape.  Some of us talk about vinyl and DSD256.  What is the difference that analog brings over digital?  We did a few experiments for you and here are our results.....


You've heard the difference and have made the decision to buy a DAC capable of playing DSD.  With hundreds to choose from now what?  

We've noticed a lot of audiophiles are confused by DSD and DXD mastering so we decided to offer our DSD fanatics and fans files that you can hear at home and compare.  You decide and tell your friends!


It's been a long time coming and many of us thought the day may never come when mainstream listeners would want to hear music above an mp3 quality.  But to our surprise, some of mainstream's most ardent resisters are becoming advocats for High Definition audio.

Heavenly Voices

Simply put… an SACD is a disc and DSD is a file type that can live as an audio file anywhere.. a hard drive, a disc, a USB drive, etc.  DSD64 can live on an SACD.  But, if you want to hear DSD256... you need to have a DAC (soundcard equivalent) that processes the sound from Digital to Analog..  SACD and DSD are not interchangeable words.

The internet is filled with people screaming “snake oil”. But are they correct? Do you believe your ears or the math? Why are some people so reluctant to do a comparison test?

Setting up a listening test to compare various types of files is not easy.  You need a base of equipment and a trusted set of files to start.  Set aside several hours and have a few people involved.  We rarely do a test with fewer than 3 people. Here we'll explore some of the basics steps to compare files.


Do you ever visit audiophile forums or social media groups where anger fills a post about someone can hear the difference between cables? The same thing happens when comparing DSD to WAV or FLAC and even MP3. If you can hear the difference, why can't they?

John La Grou

An interesting article was recently posted at CBC Radio, a Canadian company, about the future of music. Not just in the next year, but in the next few decades. It's part of an ambitious series by the Spark crew called The Next Big Thing. John La Grou, audio pioneer and engineer, offers his views on what the music experience will be in the future.


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