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The world is in lockdown mode, but you still have your music and listening system.  Suddenly, you feel the urge to test the difference between all the different formats.  You think it's an easy task?  It's even harder on your own.  If you have a family member, bring them onboard to help you with this test.  Make it a fun family event!

Download 9 formats of one song recorded in DSD here.. and it's free!

Pat Metheny

 Patrick Metheny describes what it's like to improvise and melody.  Most importantly, he talks about how to listen.  Neuroscientists later interview him about music, emotion and the brain.

Even though we specialize in DSD audio we understand the value vinyl brings to the music industry.  As much as this fire represents a set back for many, we don't believe it spells the end of vinyl.  Read for yourself, add your comments, let us know what you think!

Andreas Koch is a pioneer of digital audio from the days of developing digital audio recording in the 1980's for Studer Dyaxis to his leading edge work with Sony working on DSD and the first recording device for DSD - the Sonoma System.  Here Andreas explains the differences between PCM and DSD audio.

David Solomon and Dan Mackta

HD Music Day's first event was held at the Hilton Anaheim during the NAMM Show on January 19, 2020.  The half day event was very well received and packed with interested professional audio engineers, artists and others wanting to up the quality of their listening.  AES (Audio Engineering Society) has suggested a repeat performance in October 2020 at the New York City AES convention.  Join the HDMusicDay.com mailing list to stay up to date on activities.


Mark your calendars for January 19, Sunday.  Sign up to receive the latest information at http://hdmusicday.com/

From 10am-2pm at the Hilton Annaheim, NAMM and AES will be giving Blue Coast Music free reign to put on 4 panels for the professional audio community.  Representatives from Sony, Qobuz, Roon, Blue Coast and others will be there to introduce the professional audio community what the consumers have been listening to for years.

The world’s coral reefs have been affected from the devastating effects of climate change which has given rise to some radical solutions. Last week, British and Australian researchers suggested another way they say could help restoration efforts: broadcasting the sounds of healthy reefs in dying ones.

Jo Hogg

CDs, vinyl and cassettes used to be an easy way to give someone you love a gift at the Holidays.  Kind of like baking cookies, it was something we did that could express an emotional feeling from yourself or because you knew the other person so well that you could introduce them to new music or give them a cherished sound.  Do gift cards have the same sentiment?  Can a $20 gift card to Starbucks offer the same feeling as the time you'd spend on those Holiday cookies?  We're going to offer several new ways to express your love and friendship....

cassettes and vinyl

 If you read the latest Universal Music email, nearly all the Christmas packages include colored vinyl, a cassette and t-shirt...  from Billy Eilish ro Mumford & Sons.  Sony and other companies are offering the new Tik Tok Karaoke performers million dollar contracts.

We're curious how audiophiles listen.  What's the highest sampling rate of your portable DAC... click here to tell us!


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