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Blue Coast Music Announces Expansion and Beta Test Group

Blue Coast Music Announces Expansion and Beta Test Group

Blue Coast Music has been at the forefront of high resolution audio with its efforts recording music, developing an audience and addressing the requirements for large audio file distribution since its debut.  Behind closed doors they have been developing a new website to address the needs of the audiophile music lover.  Blue Coast Music is now looking for beta testers around the world to test the site.  If you would like to be a beta-tester, signup for the newsletter on this page and send a note to support@bluecoastmusic.com with "BETA-TESTER" in the subject line.

The private beta testing will begin in May 2017.  The hope is to launch the public beta of the site at the Los Angeles Audio Show June 2-4.  Blue Coast Music will be hosting an exhibit room to demonstrate DSD recording techniques.  Blue Coast Artists and Labels will be present to meet with music lovers.  Special activities are to be announced.

Music lovers and records labels have been moving towards the more realistic sound that high resolution audio can bring.  Direct Stream Digital (DSD) has been Blue Coast Music's primary format for releasing music.  They partner with Blue Coast Records, San Francisco Symphony, Little Hartley Music, Mack Ave Records and many more to represent more than 60 independent labels.  

Blue Coast Music oversees the operations at Downloads NOW! (a high end music platform for distributing downloads directly to the public), DSD-Guide.com (an education and information publication dedicated to high end sound), OTR Studios (a Bay Area recording, mixing and mastering facility) and Blue Coast Records (a record label dedicated to exceptional acoustic music recorded live in the studio using the E.S.E. recording technique).