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Blue Coast Music Announces New Music Series Recorded in DSD 256 -- FlashJamm!

Blue Coast Music Announces New Music Series Recorded in DSD 256 -- FlashJamm!

Blue Coast Music is ready to test a new concept of creating music for fans of DSD256 called FlashJamm.  The concept is 3 songs performed live in the studio, unrehearsed and under artistic guidance of the producer.  Raw, inspired and recorded at DSD256 live in the studio.  Easy to do, you think?  "Not so", says producer, Cookie Marenco from Blue Coast.

Marenco has put together a 12 part series called FlashJamm that will be released through Blue Coast Music.  Each month new, unreleased FlashJamm songs will be delivered to subscribers.  Each episode with have 3 or more songs produced by Marenco using musicians from all genres recorded live in the studio under her direction.  Details will be coming soon about when the first FlashJamm are released. 

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FlashJamm was conceived when several musicians gathered together at Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2016 and performed spontaneously in various hosted manufacturers rooms.  The first FlashJamm artists were Meghan Andrews, Larry Mitchell, Dawn Avery and Marco Ferrero.

The quartet had never played together before but knew of each other's music.  Marenco spotted the 4 musicians talking and said, "FlashJamm!  What song do all of you know?".  She called on Doug White of The Voice That Is for musicians to perform in his room and he agreed.  It was an inspired moment for everyone who attended, including the musicians.

A year later, at Blue Coast Studios, Marenco brought Meghan, Larry and Marco back into the studio to recreate the inspiration and capture the music performed to DSD 256.