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Can your playback system handle a 53 minute song in DSD256? Let us know!

Can your playback system handle a 53 minute song in DSD256? Let us know!

Qua Continuum

You may have noticed Blue Coast Music releasing two ambient albums recently.  There is an exciting trend to calm, restful and non intrusive background music that can aid a number of situations.

Who would think these could present a technology problem?  Well, they do. Most of the music in this genre has been produced using CD quality wave files.  Those files are about 700MB and handled easily in most audio players.  Of course, mixing and working in DSD256 has brought an interesting situation...  one track of 60 minutes and 10 gigabytes in size.

Now you say, my other albums play that are that size.  The difference is you are playing much smaller tracks... maybe 200MB in size.  One track of one program of 10 gigabytes has created issues for some consumer players.  So far, we are finding we have no issues with JRiver, but other popular players stutter, stop and crash working to play back these large files.

Qua Continuum is talking about 4 and 8 hour programs in DSD256 with no track breaks... one long song.  Potentially, these will be 100 gigs in size.  Completely crazy... but the boundaries will be pushed.  What about working in surround or immersive technologies that are bound for DSD size files.

We're documenting our plays and plan to contact the software companies with our findings.  If you are interested to test, try one of our pieces like Continuum One 


We have another solution which is to subdivide the program in to 8-15 tracks of 8 minutes each.  Using gapless playback, it may be possible.

Who knew this would be such an adventure!  Stay tuned!