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The Cost of Streaming Audio -- what is it?

The Cost of Streaming Audio -- what is it?

Slow Wifi

Paul Wilson writes has an interesting review of his streaming vs other playback devices for high end audio.  What's your experience?  We would like to know.

Paul has done a great job taking into account current inefficiencies in wifi and internet stability.  While it's possible to stream DSD256, what would a month cost from comcast data use?  We're not sure yet.  We estimate the cost of streaming to be about $1 per album at DSD256 from AWS.  

We plan to run comparison tests and welcome what your experience is.  Of course, we're biased to listening with exceptional DACs at DSD256, but we also listen on Youtube, Spotify, Pandora and other devices -- especially at the homes of friends.  "Hey Google" has brought up some interesting audio experiences that we don't quite know what to say about.  :)


We suspect audiophiles will get tired of subpar streaming music when they could have better quality with downloads, vinyl and CDs.