Direct Stream Digital Audio

Direct Stream Digital (DSD) in Stereo and Surround Sound at CES 2013

Direct Stream Digital (DSD) in Stereo and Surround Sound at CES 2013

The 30th floor of the Venetian Hotel was buzzing with activity and one of a kind DSD listening experiences over the 4 days of CES 2013.  From January 8 through 11, Gus Skinas (Super Audio Center) and Cookie Marenco (Blue Coast Records) were giving Carte Blanche to play any music they pleased.  With a 5.0 multi-channel surround system provided by Sony, the pair plugged out hours of unreleased material to delight and excite those that came into the room.

Outfitted with 5 AR2s (top of the line speakers from Sony), Pass amps for each speaker and Kimber Kable running throughout, even the security guard came in to hear Pink Floyd in surround sound.  Christopher Franke (from the original Tangerine Dream group) checked out the DSD multitrack playback system provided by Gus Skinas called the Sonoma Sytems.  Allen Sides, engineer for the Joni Mitchell sessions with the London Philharmonic, came to the room twice to hear those tracks sounding spectacular.

For music lovers wanting to bring DSDs realism into their home, Cookie Marenco demonstrated an affordable stereo system using a PC, Mytek DSD DAC and JRiver Media player.  Also demonstrated was a Mac Computer using Audirvana as the song manager, and the Mytek DSD DAC.  Marenco played tracks from Blue Coast Records and other DSD music all available on for download at Downloads NOW!

Along with engineer and artists, press from around the world came to hear DSD.  DAC manufacturers came to the room to discuss implementing DSD in their new devices.  More than a dozen hardware and software manufacturers have implemented DSD who feel this is the most exciting advance in technology in 20 years.

What is all the fuss about?  Direct Stream Digital (DSD) is one bit recording with 2.8 million parts per second.  The sound of DSD is similar to that of analog tape--very real and expressive offering truer dynamic response than we've been hearing from PCM digital recording of the last 20 years.


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