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Does your hardware or software device have size limitations for music playback?

Does your hardware or software device have size limitations for music playback?

Large track file limitations ?

Do you love ambient, electronic or classical music that has long passages?  More than 30 minutes in length?  If you're a fan of DSD256 or other large files your gear might present challenges.  We're looking to change this issue for the future with your help.

When releasing ambient music of one hour or more, Blue Coast Records has discovered that many devices have proven to give some music lovers a challenging time for playback.  The last four months Blue Coast Records, along with many music lovers purchasing large files, have taken on the task of finding out why this happens.

We only recently discovered these challenges when releasing one hour programs that are one track.  One hour programs with multiple tracks don't present the same challenges.  Customers have been writing to the manufacturers and receiving interesting responses.

Some have admitted that they weren't prepared to have playback of a 10 gigabyte one track file and are making changes to their software.  Other manufacturers have told customers their hardware devices are only equipped for 2 gigabyte file playback and have no plans to upgrade.  There are even problems with some computers or portable devices when trying to transfer files to small drives.

If you're a DSD256 collector this affect you most because of the large files.  DSD128 can also be affected.  PCM192 is also in danger because of limitations for conversions above 4 gigabytes in size.

Why wasn't this noticed before?  Professional audio gear is made for large file playback.  Most consumer electronic manufacturers have not planned for consumers playing much more than a 5 minute song on their devices.  Recent popularity of ambient and relaxation music for high resolution audio has brought this issue up close.  Classical music fans are also affected by this limitation.

We would like to thank John Deas in particular for his research and findings that will help futher fixing these issues.

If you would like to contribute your findings, please add a comment below with the device or software manufacturer's name and responses.  You can also write to us directly at support@dsd-guide.com and we will post information for you.