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Doug Fearn of D.W. Fearn Pro Audio Offers a Video of Recording to DSD

Doug Fearn of D.W. Fearn Pro Audio Offers a Video of Recording to DSD

Doug Fearn is no stranger to the recording studio. One of his first recordings was in 1968, captured on a 4 track Scully tape machine. His fondness for higher quality led him to launch his company, D.W. Fearn, in the early 1990's specializing in vacuum tube products for professional audio engineers. In association with Tommy McIntyre (guitarist) and support musicians (Hazelrigg Brothers), Doug demonstrates his technique for recording direct to DSD on the Tascam DA-3000.

We invite you to view the youtube video (link below) and check out other recordings made in DSD on the Tascam DA-3000 by the Hazelrigg Brothers available at Blue Coast Music's high resolution download store.

From the Youtube Video:

Single-mic vs Multi-mic and DSD vs PCM recording.

We record Tommy McIntyre using a single AEA R88 microphone direct to a Tascam DA-3000 DSD recorder, with a simultaneous multi-mic recording to PCM 24-bit, 92kHz.

Songs: "That's Just How It's Gotta Be" and "My Molly Malone," both Copyright 2018 Tommy McIntyre/Beechwood Mac Music. Music produced by D.W. Fearn. Musicians: tommy McIntyre, Vocal and Guitar; Steve Nicely, Drums and Guitar; George Hazelrigg, Piano; Geoff Hazelrigg, Upright Bass. Ian Alexander, Second Engineer.

Video produced by LuxWAV Films: Jay Yachetta, Director/DP; Steven Rosplock, Video Sound Mixer; Jay Yachetta, Editor; Steven Rosplock, B Camera Operator. Recorded May 22, 2018 at D.W. Fearn Studios.



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