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Dreams of Streams -- Livestreaming for under $500 - by J.A. Deane

Dreams of Streams -- Livestreaming for under $500 - by J.A. Deane

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Livestreaming has become an important tool for every musician. Before the pandemic, we all thought about livestreaming's potential but after the pandemic and the cancellation of concerts, local gigs and touring, livestreaming rose to the top of the "must do" list for everyone in the music industry. Reality hit hard.

J.A. Deane (aka Dino) is a master musician who's toured the world countless times with his skills as an electronic music sampling artist. From Jon Hassell to Butch Morris and dozens of his own bands in between, Dino has explored the world of how to make his performance rig cheaper, better and faster. His goal? So he can more safely (and sanely) travel the world and be assured his rig will work (and get on to a plane).

Here Dino explores in great depths the world that replaces touring... livestreaming. He's done the research -- extensively -- and put together an all in rig for less than $500 to livestream. Dino considers this review a "public service announcement" for all musicians to use.