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DSD Audio has International Appeal Especially From Japan!

DSD Audio has International Appeal Especially From Japan!

We are delighted to report that our first few weeks since launch has driven a huge amount of traffic.  To our surprise, most of the visitors are coming from Japan followed by the USA, Canada, Germany and the UK.  The main source of the drive from Japan has been from a blog that is new to us called Music To Go.  We would like to thank Yoshihiro Sasaki for his references and kind words.

We would also like to thank our intern, Emma Steuer (from Carnegie Mellon), for assisting with the Google translator and modifying it as best as we can guess is an accurate translation.  Here's a reduced English translation for us followed by the Japanese version....

  • Appearance of a comprehensive DSD audio information site
Although I think that the initiative belongs to Playback Designs,  this DSD audio portal site could be considered the most comprehensive of all the DSD information sites that have been opened. It is DSD-Guide.com http://dsd-guide.com/, and the content is addition to the introduction of sound reproduction equipment, and there is a news article called White Paper. White Paper was authored by Andreas Koch  and introduced previously (http://vaiopocket.seesaa.net/article/247697402.html  with news about USB standard for native playback system.  (continues)
Playback Designsの主導だと思いますが、DSDオーディオのポータルサイト?とも言うべき総合情報サイトがオープンしました。DSD-Guide.comです。
内容としては再生機器や音源紹介の他に、White Paperとニュースがあります。White Paperは以前うちで紹介したコッチ先生の記事です。
ただしここをみると"by アンドレアスコッチ"とされていて、dCSメンバーの名前が連名に並んでます。DSDマーカーなどはdCS方式として紹介したのとは異なるようです。


If there is any doubt to who is behind DSD-Guide, it's me, Cookie Marenco.  I'm acting on behalf of the supporters, manufacturers, music lovers, and artists who want to see DSD blossom. Andreas Koch is one of the most respected and knowledgeable people on the subject.  He graciously offered to let us use his White Paper and other articles.  Thank you, Andreas!  :)

We're not completely sure of what was written in the blog, but the fact we are talking about DSD and visitors are coming is encouraging.  We welcome our foreign friends and writers to contact us directly with questions or help with translations. 

Thank you!