Direct Stream Digital Audio

How do I get started with DSD audio?

How do I get started with DSD audio?


First, you must keep in mind that DSD audio is as different from PCM (of the last 30 years) as cassette was to 1/4" tape.  DSD requires different gear to optimally hear the benefits.  There are some inexpensive methods to experiment with first before making a large investment.

Audiogate, from Korg, is a software tool that is free and will convert your DSD files to any PCM format you have for temporary playback.   http://www.korguser.net/audiogate/en/index.html

Foobar is another free DSD software converter many people use.

As you get more familiar with downloading these extremely large files (30x bigger than the size of most of your FLAC files).  You'll want to explore purchasing a DSD DAC to truly hear the benefits of DSD.  You can find more information on those on DSD-Guide or searching on the internet.  

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