Direct Stream Digital Audio

Is there a way to test DSD downloads for free?

Is there a way to test DSD downloads for free?


There are many sites available to try free DSD downloads.  Some are listed at DSD-Guide.com.  We suggest http://audiogate.bluecoastrecords.com

If you are trying to play DSD audio downloads for the first time, not purchase anything new, we suggest you downloads Korg's Audiogate software http:audiogate.bluecoastrecords.com and convert to the highest PCM DAC you can listen through. 

You can also use Foobar and download the DSD plugin for a PCM DAC playback.

Keep those original DSD files because if you make a decision to purchase a DSD DAC (which range in price from $700 to $7000) you'll want to listen to the DSD audio played by a DSD DAC (not converted to PCM).  Various DSD DACs and other hardware/software are listed at DSD-Guide.com 

DSD is one bit recording and as different to PCM as analog tape.  It requires different hardware and software to fully enjoy the sound quality.  Keep in mind the original source of the recording makes a big difference in sound and check the source recordings of your DSD audio for full sonic appreciation of DSD.

DSD files are very large and to download requires good broadband.  If you have more questions, contact support@DSD-Guide.com

Thank you,
Cookie Marenco
founder and producer
Blue Coast Records