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Will my Mytek unit play DSD128?

Will my Mytek unit play DSD128?


DSD128 is a new format.  We suggest that if you own a DSD DAC only capable of DSD64 (most common format) save your DSD128 and use Audiogate to convert your 128 to 64 until more tools are available for professional recording and mastering.  We are looking forward to that day ourselves.

In the meantime, jump on board the road to adventure as we all take the ride of new challenges and experiences.  :)

As of 3/27/2013, the very popular and affordable Mytek DSD DAC has the following ability to play (or not play) DSD 128.

Which computer with what Players....

Using a PC and JRiver Media player... YES!

Using a MAC and Audirvana -- not yet

Damien at Audirvana says the next update v1.5 to be able to work with the Mytek.  We'll let you know when that is possible.

Using a MAC and Pure Music -- not yet and why
Directly from Rob at Pure Music...a great explanation of the coordination needed between hardware, software and content format

Support for 128Fs depends on the hardware capability. DSD DACs such as Playback Designs will play 128Fs DSD with Pure Music, because they support a 352.8 kHz sample rate.


It is possible for the Mytek to play 128Fs using an ASIO device driver, but ASIO is the driver used on Windows machines. We are waiting for Mytek to provide a CoreAudio (Mac format) version of their driver that supports 128Fs via a dual-wire scheme (the Mytek does not provide a 352.8 kHz sample rate needed for standard 128Fs, such as on the Playback Designs), and then this will be possible with the Mytek on the Mac.

If you have direct experience, use another player or have figured out a work around, let us know!