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Five Questions about being an Audiophile - Survey

Five Questions about being an Audiophile - Survey

There's a lot of controversy in the audiophile community.. almost as much to say that you can't be an audiophile without an argument. Of course, I'm joking, but many of you experience the strong opinions of 'right and wrong' ways of listening. We hope to start a conversation about being an audiophile without all the arguments... Here's our questionnaire....


Looking up "Audiophile Definition" in a google search doesn't offer much help. Pulling from Wikipedia, the description includes "those wanting to emulate a live sound" as part of the definition. We don't agree. We know many people want to listen to Pink Floyd's very studio produced albums as much as a stereo mic recording of an orchestra.

Tell us what you think and we'll begin to assemble our own definition here at DSD-Guide. Please feel free to be more public with a disqus comment below.

Enjoy your music!