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Giving the "gift" of music this year? Here are a few ways ....

Giving the "gift" of music this year? Here are a few ways ....

Jo Hogg

CDs, vinyl and cassettes used to be an easy way to give someone you love a gift at the Holidays.  Kind of like baking cookies, it was something we did that could express an emotional feeling from yourself or because you knew the other person so well that you could introduce them to new music or give them a cherished sound.  Do gift cards have the same sentiment?  Can a $20 gift card to Starbucks offer the same feeling as the time you'd spend on those Holiday cookies?  We're going to offer a whole new way to express your love and friendship....

Remember mixtapes?  compilation CD?  Why not create an animation of photos and songs for posting to youtube that reflects how you feel about the other person?  

Why not offer a Holiday coupon that is "Executive Producer Radio" ?  What about becoming your own DJ and telling your favorite stories of the other person combine with musical moments?  Perhaps you can talk about that special concert you both attended or the time the family went to that certain festival in the rain.  

How about creating a special ambient hour to help relax and lull your loved one to sleep with words you recire over your chosen music.  Or better yet, create a mix of your own in a studio of recorded sounds.

Many of our readers make suggestions about artists and bands that should be considered for high resolution recording.  What if you brought your favorite singer to the studio for a day of recording in the studio?  Stephen Hogg brought his favorite Irish singer to our studios earlier this year.  It was his wife, Jo.  Flying from Ireland to the San Francisco area was an incredible experience for the two of them and Jo recorded 3 amazing albums.  We had a wonderful time, as well.  Avec Toi (With You) became the title of the first release.  And it was recorded direct to DSD... all the better!


The experience of music is something to share.  That's why we love it so much.  It's the community around us that makes it special and releases the 'happiness' hormone.  Share your experiences together.

Please offer some ideas below or send your favorite musical memories to support@dsd-guide.com

Happy Holidays!

Cookie Marenco