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HD Music Day a Big Success at NAMM! Planning More this year..

HD Music Day a Big Success at NAMM! Planning More this year..

David Solomon and Dan Mackta

HD Music Day's first event was held at the Hilton Anaheim during the NAMM Show on January 19, 2020.  The half day event was very well received and packed with interested professional audio engineers, artists and others wanting to up the quality of their listening.  AES (Audio Engineering Society) has suggested a repeat performance in October 2020 at the New York City AES convention.  Join the HDMusicDay.com mailing list to stay up to date on activities.

Conceived of by Cookie Marenco, producer/HD engineer and founder of Blue Coast Music, the event is meant to create awareness as Record Store Day does for vinyl. "HD is a consumer driven phenomena.  We can't get enough quality sounding music to deliver to our customers.  We felt it was time to go directy to the professional audio community and have them experience the sound of what the consumers are demanding."

The event had panelists from many of the consumer companies who provide streaming services, listening devices, song managers, recorded music, mastering expertise and more to the buyers of HD Music.  Panelists included:

David Solomon (Qobuz HD Music Streaming services)
Dan Mackta (Qobuz HD Music Streaming services)
Gregory Carlsson (Sony Consumer Electronics)
Daniel Keller (Get it in Writing

Cookie Marenco (Blue Coast Music HD downoads)
Andreas Koch (Playback Designs)
Doug Fearn (DW Fearn)
Matty Karas (Music Redefined)
Rob Darling (Roon Labs)
Michael Romanowski (Coast Mastering)
George and Geoff Hazelrigg (Hazelrigg Industries)
Patrick O'Connor (Blue Coast Music HD Mastering and prep

The four panels offered a variety of expert advice for professional audio engineers wanting to up the quality of their recordings and prepare for the new subscription tiers from streaming companies like Qobuz, Amazon, Apple and others.  Panels listed were:

HD Audio –– It's Available Now, and Consumers are Buying. Are You Ready?

HD Audio Introduction, Is your music ready for HD distribution?

HD Audio Technical Specs - Recording to Mastering for Consumer Playback

HD Audio Listening Brunch - what the consumers are listening to..

If you're a manufacturer, artist, or have an interest in growing this community, please contact us directly.  Email support@bluecoastmusic.com with the subject "support HD Music". 

See you at the next event!