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Jenna Mammina and Matt Rollings Live Performance in DSD Audio!

Jenna Mammina and Matt Rollings Live Performance in DSD Audio!

From Blue Coast Records - one of the most critically acclaimed acoustic record companies of the last 5 years.  Used by manufacturers and industry professionals to test their equipment, Blue Coast Records became one of the first to offer native DSD masters distributed to the public as DSD audio.   

Many of you know Jenna and Matt from the Blue Coast Collection 2.  Both Jenna and Matt have toured the world recording and performing with artists as Abbey Lincoln, Mark Knophler, and Lyle Lovett to name a few.  The performance was recorded in front of a live audience from the Bay Area Audiophile Society and embrace the music of Warren Zevon and Jame Taylor to name a few.

The collection of songs was engineered and produced by Cookie Marenco in E.S.E.  Recorded live, direct to analog and mixed to DSD, this series of songs was some of the first music released in high resolution DSD and PCM wav.

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