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Music for falling asleep... Max Richter, Qua Continuum and others

Music for falling asleep... Max Richter, Qua Continuum and others

Health and wellness has been more focused on a good night's sleep more than ever. Can music play a role in helping us get that 8 hours we need every night?

Youtube channels with 8 hour programs, artists creating longer tracks than ever, yoga and sleep events that require laying down have hit the world by storm. Millions of views and listeners have joined in the phenomena where music is intended to put you to sleep. Whether nature sounds combined with ASMR and electronic melodies in slow motion, many people are now turning to music for calm, relaxation and sleep -- not a raucous listening experience.

Here's an article on Nocturnes and Max Richter from the BBC on the subject.

Here is a one hour piece from Qua Continuum - #9 in a series of 12 hour long pieces create with the intention of the listener falling asleep. The title of the piece is Pilgrimage.

For DSD and High Resolution Audio listeners, you can also find Pilgrimage as a DSD download and 8 other formats through Blue Coast Music.