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Music Lover Compares DSD128 to DSD64.. Can You Hear the Difference?

Music Lover Compares DSD128 to DSD64.. Can You Hear the Difference?

Music lover and audiophile, David Slattery, took time out of his busy day to do a comparison of DSD128 to DSD64.  Many people wonder if it's possible to hear the difference between a FLAC, WAV or DSD file.  David gives a wonderful assessment of what he hears.

The music tested was Meghan Andrews from Blue Coast Records Special Event 43. Blue Coast Records offers music recorded in DSD and without overdubs and effects making the comparisons easier than overly processed music.  

Here's part of what David has to say...

So, how do the 2 versions compare:
Over the last few days I have listened to these 2 songs many different times so that I could honestly convey my opinion of the differences between the DSD64 and DSD128 versions. Today I sat down and listened to every song, individually comparing the 2 versions. Both are very good, but I tend to lean toward the DSD128 version. With every song I could hear a tiny amount of digital hash on the DSD64 version that I just do not hear on the DSD128 version. Not only that but with the DSD128 version I feel that there is more air around the instruments and vocals that give an impression of being a bit more realistic. In other words I really feel that Meghan is in the room with me when I listen to the DSD128 version. “Waiting Artound to Die” is stunning and I highly recommend it.

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