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Roon updates its player to support large size files!

Roon updates its player to support large size files!


The power of community is strong!  We want to thank our ambient music fans for alerting Roon the issues of large file playback.  Credit Roon for contacting us right away to solve the issues and they have!

If you use Roon and have experience issues with large file playback (8 gigs or more) Roon has this update for you.


We tested it and it works! We tested on our Qua Continuum pieces that were 60 minutes and more playing at DSD256.  These files are over 8 gigs in size.  We hope to test even larger files.

We'd love to hear how your experience is. 

The team at Roon confided that this wasn't an easy fix and we appreciate their putting this high on the upgrade list.  Ambient music has a large following in the audiophile community.  Classical music will also benefit.  

We'd like to thank Rob Darling, Mike Fass and Noris Onea from Roon (and always we thank Enno for creating this wonderful product).

Feel free to comment on your experience if you download the new version and test it.  Let us know what other companies will need upgrades.  

We look forward to other companies coming forward to upgrade their systems, many of which have a 2-4 gigabyte limit.  The future is here.