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Sony and Korg Team Up for First DSD Live Streaming Event

Sony and Korg Team Up for First DSD Live Streaming Event

On April 4, 2015 at 7pm PDT, the world's first DSD128 live streaming concert event will take place.

A joint project team of Sony/Korg/IIJ/Saidera Paradiso have joined to demonstrate the future of high-quality streaming with two upcoming concerts.

These free presentations will be made possible through the cooperation of the Spring Festival in Tokyo now in its 11th year, and the world-acclaimed Berliner Philharmoniker.

1. The Tokyo-HARUSAI Marathon Concert vol.5 "Music from the Classical
period - Musicians in Vienna, a music capital," to be held on April 5,
2015 (JST) at the Spring Festival in Tokyo. The Spring Festival is
supported by IIJ (Internet Initiative Japan Inc.).

2. A concert of the Berliner Philharmoniker conducted by Sir Simon
Rattle, to be held at the Philharmonie Berlin at 7:00 PM April 11, 2015

At this time only Sony's or Korg's USB-DACs will be able to hear the DSD streaming live using dedicated client software
called  "PrimeSeat".  This is the current list of DACs that will work.

•Sony USB DAC amp UDA-1 (Windows only) 
•Sony Portable Headphone Amp PHA-2 (Windows only)
•Sony Portable Headphone Amp PHA-3 (Windows only)

To download the software, please visit


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