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Story of Ghosts available soon on SACD!

Story of Ghosts available soon on SACD!

Story of Ghosts -- Fiona Joy Hawkins

Fiona Joy Hawkins -- her name resonates in the acoustic music circles as one of this generation's top contemporary solo piano artists.  Having won many awards for her two previous albums, Fiona's new album, Story of Ghosts, is destined to do the same.

Fiona's 3rd solo piano album with Blue Coast Records takes her fans on a journey that is provocative and hauntingly beautiful.  “It’s much more classical and very connected to my roots" says Fiona of this new album.  “I get feedback from the listening audience that I’m touching their lives and in some way making a difference. That’s the most important thing." 
The album was recorded in DSD256 on the 1885 Steinway at Blue Coast Studios.  Produced and engineered by Cookie Marenco, Fiona's compositions are magnificent when captured in the one bit digital format.  It is avaiable in 8 formats for high resolution download and soon to be available as an SACD.
"CD quality is nothing when you’ve heard DSD or SACD, especially when played on a high-end system" says Fiona.
Visit https://bluecoastmusic.com/fiona-joy/story-of-ghosts for listening and purchasing.