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Test Your Listening System for DSD, FLAC and WAV Playback with Free Downloads!

Test Your Listening System for DSD, FLAC and WAV Playback with Free Downloads!

Free Downloads from Blue Coast Music

Blue Coast Music is offering free downloads to test your playback system for DSD, FLAC and WAV files.


Did you recently upgrade and want to know if your system will play DSD 256?  Does your iTunes play FLAC?  Is there really a difference between DSD, FLAC and WAV that you can hear?  Now is your chance to test and optimize your music system.

Blue Coast Music is making a free download available every month for you to test and download in 4 different formats.  The song was recorded by Cookie Marenco and crew, live at Blue Coast Studios and direct to DSD.  

When comparing formats, it's important that the same source is used and carefully converted to other formats to prevent as little sonic loss as possible in each format.  Blue Coast Music uses conversion techniques developed in its studios that seeks the highest sound quality as judged in blindfold tests by multiple engineers.   Blue Coast Music purposely used a carefully recorded acoustic music piece so that you can hear everey nuance and noise floor issue.

Not everyone will hear the differences in their systems, but Blue Coast engineers do.  You want to know if your system (and your ears) hear the differences and whether the higher priced downloads are for you. Many people pay the price for DSD11.2 but their DACs only play DSD5.6.  The clue to hearing differences are in the width of the sonic playback and the highs/lows of frequency response.  You can also hear the sharper attacks and what sounds like less compression of the sound.

To receive your free downloads, sign up to the website, go to check out (no charge is made) and download the link.  

As a bonus you'll be receiving a $10 coupon as a new subscriber to Blue Coast Music.

If you have questions, please contact support@bluecoastmusic.com for more information.