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Is there truth to music's healing properties?

Is there truth to music's healing properties?

Fiona Joy Hawkins

Certainly, we are not experts in the field and welcome your thoughts on how music makes your life better.

Many claim that the healing vibrations from some frequencies cure various ailments.  In the last 5 years we've noticed the explosion of sleep, relaxation, healing sounds, meditation and other ambient music get millions and millions of plays on youtube.  Spotify has been accused of 'hiring' fake composers to write ambient music for these stations.  We know of Tibetan bowl concerts where 1200 seats (half of them yoga mats) have been filled with listeners eager to relax in a community of likeminded souls.

Some of the music programmed on youtube ranges from 3 hours to 8 hours of ambient music on one video.  It's not meant to keep you awake, but to put you to sleep.  We've tried it.  It works.

This is not for everyone.  It's a different kind of 'listening' experience with a specific purpose.

So, what if you combine solo piano performed by Fiona Joy Hawkins with sonic pads performed to relax and sooth you?  Is a 40 minute program enough?  Have a listen.  Write to us and tell us what you think!  support@dsd-guide.com