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What is the fuss over MQA vs FLAC? Isn't DSD a better sounding format?

What is the fuss over MQA vs FLAC? Isn't DSD a better sounding format?

Somehow, the discussion of 'what sounds better' has gone from bad to worse. Click bait videos, angry arguments online, people trying to conjure up proof without getting enough facts. And what happened to DSD in all of this? Is it forgotten? We hope not.

It's hard to mess up a DSD recording. At the same time, it's not easy to DO a true DSD recording. DSD won't improve a bad recording and neither will a $100,000 stereo system.

Here at DSD-Guide, our background is as audio recording engineers. It's not as easy as buying an expensive microphone and sticking it in someone's face to record with a pop screen. One can make a bad recording on any format.

With that in mind, MQA is not a recording format (at this time at least). Neither is FLAC.

WAV is a recording format with multiple bits. DSD is a recording format with one bit. Tape is a recording format with... magnetic impulses.. no bits.

The recent discussion on whether MQA is better than FLAC in the audiophile community seems a bit dull. They might as well be arguing about whether Pespi is better than Coke. Neither of these are a real fruit drink IMHO. Give me fresh squeezed grapefruit juice over most bottled anything. My juice squeezer is always handy.

But I digress.... to each his own. So if you want to do a comparison test and feel you have the right gear to do one accurately, here you go... all formats (DSD, WAV, FLAC and MQA) made from the same file (the original DSD256). You can be the judge and let us know what you think.

Enjoy your listening today!

Cookie Marenco
Founder and Producer
Blue Coast Records and Music