Direct Stream Digital Audio

What is Quad DSD? Check out a Few Releases

What is Quad DSD? Check out a Few Releases

Don't confuse "Quad" with the surround system recordings of yester year - this Quad is Direct Stream Digital at a sampling rate of 11.2 Million samples per second in one bit.  These downloads are huge!  An Album can be 8-10 gigabytes in size.  Another name for Quad DSD is DSD 256.

Today Blue Coast Records announced their foray into delivering Quad DSD downloads to music lovers worldwide.

To test their first downloads, Blue Coast Records used it's premier recording, Blue Coast Collection, The E.S.E. Sessions, to demonstrate their new Quad DSD download ability.  Three songs from the collection were chosen to test the DSD 256 downloads.  Two of the songs are extended versions from the vault of those original sessions and never before released.

Cookie Marenco, founder and producer of Blue Coast Records over saw the transfer of the 1/2" tape mixes to this new digital format.  "The sound was amazing.  The closest thing we've heard to tape yet", says Marenco.

The full album in DSD 256 will be launched in September, but until then, you can download three songs now.  Click here to reach the webpage.