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Why does music give us chills when we listen?

Why does music give us chills when we listen?

Ancient Vulture Flute

We've recently discovered a website filled with interesting articles and research about all kinds of things, but what peeked our interest were the articles on music, audio and sound. This was an interesting article on the first instruments created and why humans get chills from certain music.

Here's an excerpt....

"Some 40,000 years ago, a person—a musician—picked up a vulture bone that had delicately and precisely incised holes along its length and blew upon it to play a tune. We know this thanks to recent remarkable archeological finds near the Danube, where several such flutes were uncovered. Ancient bone flute. The flute, made from the radius bone of a vulture, has five finger holes and a notch at the end where it was to be blown; fine lines are precisely incised near the finger holes, probably reflecting measurements used to indicate where the finger holes were to be carved. Radiocarbon dating indicates it comes from the Upper Paleolithic period, more than 35,000 y ago."

The entire article is very long and detailed about how they experimented on the hows and whys of music that gives us chills when we listen and much more.